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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Due to use of the squat toilet seat

Many people when to use PUBLIC LAVATORY, forced up and squatted over the toilet sitting, to avoid direct contact with the dirty parts.

girl accident in the toilet

However, this action will make that person is in a very dangerous position.
Squatting on the toilet when using very PROHIBITED SAT, because the material is made of ceramic, unable to hold the weight of the entire body at one point.

Here are the events that really happened, where WC SITTING split, when a girl sat squat when using them.

girl accident in the toilet
girl accident in the toilet

Send this information to colleagues the other (or you could share on facebook by clicking the icon Share on Facebook below) and encourage you to hang posters in toilets HAZARDS, which can prevent accidents to yourself, relatives or anyone of your friends .

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